Social Media: Twitter

For eight years Twitter has been one of the go-to social media sources that have been very popular. From teens to businesses, actors to wanna-be’s almost everyone is using twitter. But what people may not be aware of is there are multiple applications that can be used with Twitter.

We all know that when we want to look for something on Twitter there is the basic and advance searches. But there are other search engines you can use as well.


Twibs is an alphabetical directory and search engine with a voting option to see which profile are featured on the homepage. Twibs is quite easy to use being able to scroll through the leaderboards, largest brands, multiple categories, directory, promotions, and search by location. You can easily find what you are looking for. Also, if you have your own business you can easily add it to Twibs for more promotion.


Twellow is also a search engine and directory of Twitter followers. It allows customization of profiles, categories and addition of links to other social services. Users can add themselves to Twellow to be part of “Twellowhood” and find local Tweeple. Twellow is quite easy to use as well and its free to sign up and use. It’s very user friendly.

Do you have problems with scammers or scams? There is applications to help you with that as well.


TwitBlock is Twitter application that detects scammers, like every application it has it’s pros and cons. Pros of TwitBlock are that it uses OAuth (open standard for authorization) to access Twitter account, and it analyzes just one Twitter account or all your followers. On the other side, the results may not be the most accurate.


Tweet Blocker is another scam applications that helps you analyze who is real and who is a bot within your Twitter followers. With Tweet Blocker it uses OAuth for Twitter login, it also uses API (Application Programming Interface) for developers. Another advantage of Tweet Blocker is that it analyzes one Twitter account or all your Twitter followers. Of the reviews, there does not seem to be any disadvantages of this application.


Fake Followers is like Tweet Blocker and TwitBlock by identifying the scammers within your followers. There are some pros and cons with this one like any other application. Some of the pros are that you don’t need to log in with your Twitter account, it uses clear criteria to identify fake followers, it tells you why a certain follower is fake, and it lets you compare the fake followers of two Twitter accounts. The only con that seems to be noted is that all the information may not be completely accurate but you have to be aware of that within any application you choose to you.

The last application I’m going to touch on is Tweet Grade.


Tweet Grade is a simple web service that grades your Twitter account from ‘F’ to ‘A+’. The grade are based on your influence and interaction with the Twitter community, the frequency of your updates, and their content. There is many advantages to this application such as; you are not required to have a Twitter login, the grading is based on many factors, and it can be used to identify scams and bots account.

With so many applications to assist with Twitter, its no wonder that we are all unaware of them and what exactly they can be used to help with. If we are so used to just using Twitter, we wouldn’t even really look for another application we would just get to where we were wanting too through Twitter.


Get to Know Me

Hi I’m Courtney Vilneff.

I’m a Durham College student studying Digital Photography. I have a website for my work. There is a Facebook page for my work as well,

Some weird facts you may want to know about me are

  • I’m vegetarian
  • I have a disability but I don’t let it stop me

The photographs I usually take are

  • landscape
  • wildlife
  • newborn
  • animals and pets

Here is a sample of my work.