Making You Think

Have you ever thought about our society? I mean really thought about our society? Probably not. Why? Cause not many people actually care about it. Do you know why? Most people are too consumed with themselves that they don’t care about others or even whats going on around them. Be honest with yourself, have you truthfully thought about our society?

After surfing the net, I have found two great videos that will actually make you think about our society. Why should you care? It’s your society and where you live. If your society is crappy, it says a lot about the people who live in that society. It’s all of a matter of taking a step back and caring for others and what’s going on around you.

Would you stop for a homeless child on the street? Would you help him out or would you keep walking? Would you look at him in disgust or with an open heart? Would you open up your wallet to spare some change? Would you give him some food? Or would you keep walking? Most people would just walk by. But what if it was your child on the street? Could you relate to him then? Would you help them then? Would you open your heart to help them?

Just think of the people on the street.

They all have a mom and a dad, of which may be dead or just not in their life. They all had a life before on the street, could have had a bad experience which made them on the street, or they had no where else to go. They may have children of their own to feed.

If you were on the streets, wouldn’t you want people to stop and help you out?

Here is a homeless child experiment that was conducted to see if anyone would actually stop for this poor child.


Have you ever thought about our educational system? I mean really thought about it. Have you thought about the actual education, you and/or your children are receiving? Probably not. But what if you did think of it? Would you think of how the professors teach us? About the actually education?

After discovering a video about education, it will really make you think about more then just the education we are receiving. But it will be more about how we are being education, where it comes from, and how we can’t predict what’s happening but still education like back in the industrial revolution.

Here is the changing education paradigms, giving one man’s perspective on our education system but it does make you really think about it.



Superhero Portraiture Portfolio!!

My theme for this portfolio was men exposing themselves as their true superhero. With this, I was trying to unveil that people may not always be who we think they are. Could be more then we think or could be less. For these men to show their true colours and not be afraid of what others think of them.

Here is my process and thoughts;

Pre Production

Scheduling the shoot with every model to get a time that worked for everyone was very difficult. There was always one person who was not available while the others were. Cause of this, there was two different shoot dates. For this shoot each model was required to wear a suit jacket, dress shirt, and a superhero t-shirt of their choice, with the option of wearing a tie. Most of the models did not obtain a t-shirt or a suit jacket. After asking each of them for their sizes, it was my turn to get what was required to accomplish the shoot. Of which looking in my boyfriend’s closet of four suits he obtains, I had to only purchase the t-shirts. I received a great deal on four of the shirts for only twenty dollars. Once I had everything required, we were ready to shoot.

Photo Shoot-Day One

It was a Sunday afternoon, all gathering at Durham College in anticipation for the shoot. Setting up the studio was done very easily and I had it all set up before the first model had arrived, which was 15 minutes from the time we all agreed to meet. The set up included the backdrop, lighting, the tables with the suit jackets and t-shirts on.

I had five models lined up for this day, with two hours of the studio booked for this shoot. I decided it would be easier to photograph the models as they arrived, it helped that all the models were friends with each other. So they helped come up with different poses along with making each other smile and laugh. Once I had photographed the first three models, I had decided to wait for the other model who was yet to show up since the fourth model was wearing a different suit jacket that he’d have to be on a different backdrop. After waiting for half an hour for the other model, I felt I should just photograph the fourth model already here, and just reset up the white backdrop for when the other arrives.

When I had finished with the last model whom had shown up, I decided I’d wait for the last one yet again. Fifteen minutes went by without hearing from him. Getting quite frustrated at this point. The model decided to finally call me and tell me he is unable to make the shoot. I felt that my time was wasted and I should’ve just went home instead of waiting for him. I could have spent more time with each model instead of waiting for someone who was not showing up.


Photo Shoot – Day Two

It was a Wednesday night, we met at the studio and this time I was not very impressed with how the studio was left. Lights were unplugged from their home light, garbage all over the studio, and backdrops still set up with lights still plugged in. I had to clean up the studio before I could even use it, I felt embarrassed in front of my model. The price you pay when you share a studio with hundreds of other students. On this shoot day, I only had to photograph one model which made everything much easier. The time in the studio went by quite quickly with lots of photographs to work with.



When reviewing my images, I realized there was not a single common pose that all the models had done. Made my selection process a little more difficult. Editing the photographs were probably quick easy with a little hiccups along the way. Having about a hundred images to edit and sort through for my portfolio, it was easy to choose. Each model has received their copy of their images on a CD within nine days of the shoot.


My overall thoughts of this portfolio are that a shoot is never easy to coordinate with multiple models. Studio time is very value-able and should not be wasted. Never waste time waiting for a model unless you are for sure, know they will come. It’s their loss if they do not attend, especially when you have other models lined up. I am very great-full  for my very patient models in all the chaos and mess which happened in this photo session. Lastly, always book time into your schedule to clean the studio before you even start your shoot.

My final production of my Superhero Portfolio is available for viewing at:

Superhero Portraiture

Social Media: Twitter

For eight years Twitter has been one of the go-to social media sources that have been very popular. From teens to businesses, actors to wanna-be’s almost everyone is using twitter. But what people may not be aware of is there are multiple applications that can be used with Twitter.

We all know that when we want to look for something on Twitter there is the basic and advance searches. But there are other search engines you can use as well.


Twibs is an alphabetical directory and search engine with a voting option to see which profile are featured on the homepage. Twibs is quite easy to use being able to scroll through the leaderboards, largest brands, multiple categories, directory, promotions, and search by location. You can easily find what you are looking for. Also, if you have your own business you can easily add it to Twibs for more promotion.


Twellow is also a search engine and directory of Twitter followers. It allows customization of profiles, categories and addition of links to other social services. Users can add themselves to Twellow to be part of “Twellowhood” and find local Tweeple. Twellow is quite easy to use as well and its free to sign up and use. It’s very user friendly.

Do you have problems with scammers or scams? There is applications to help you with that as well.


TwitBlock is Twitter application that detects scammers, like every application it has it’s pros and cons. Pros of TwitBlock are that it uses OAuth (open standard for authorization) to access Twitter account, and it analyzes just one Twitter account or all your followers. On the other side, the results may not be the most accurate.


Tweet Blocker is another scam applications that helps you analyze who is real and who is a bot within your Twitter followers. With Tweet Blocker it uses OAuth for Twitter login, it also uses API (Application Programming Interface) for developers. Another advantage of Tweet Blocker is that it analyzes one Twitter account or all your Twitter followers. Of the reviews, there does not seem to be any disadvantages of this application.


Fake Followers is like Tweet Blocker and TwitBlock by identifying the scammers within your followers. There are some pros and cons with this one like any other application. Some of the pros are that you don’t need to log in with your Twitter account, it uses clear criteria to identify fake followers, it tells you why a certain follower is fake, and it lets you compare the fake followers of two Twitter accounts. The only con that seems to be noted is that all the information may not be completely accurate but you have to be aware of that within any application you choose to you.

The last application I’m going to touch on is Tweet Grade.


Tweet Grade is a simple web service that grades your Twitter account from ‘F’ to ‘A+’. The grade are based on your influence and interaction with the Twitter community, the frequency of your updates, and their content. There is many advantages to this application such as; you are not required to have a Twitter login, the grading is based on many factors, and it can be used to identify scams and bots account.

With so many applications to assist with Twitter, its no wonder that we are all unaware of them and what exactly they can be used to help with. If we are so used to just using Twitter, we wouldn’t even really look for another application we would just get to where we were wanting too through Twitter.