Dogs Don’t Listen!

For my viral video, I planned on getting something cutesy of my 3 pets; a cat and two Labrador retrievers.


With taking a few videos, they did not work at all. Lighting wasn’t right even having it all lit properly. The people in my household apparently did not listen to me when I told them I’m going to be filming and turning the TV down a little so I can get the audio for the video, but they turned the TV up and that’s all you can hear.

Trying to match up the video to make a big one, with music over top wasn’t entirely an option. So I just decided to film my dogs doing tricks for their treats and one time they don’t cooperate is when I brought my camera out to record it. Having a treat in hand was not even helping. Seemed they were just in a misfit behavior.

After editing it, I noticed that the audio of me yelling at my dog was chopped a little too soon.


This is the final production of the video.