Making You Think

Have you ever thought about our society? I mean really thought about our society? Probably not. Why? Cause not many people actually care about it. Do you know why? Most people are too consumed with themselves that they don’t care about others or even whats going on around them. Be honest with yourself, have you truthfully thought about our society?

After surfing the net, I have found two great videos that will actually make you think about our society. Why should you care? It’s your society and where you live. If your society is crappy, it says a lot about the people who live in that society. It’s all of a matter of taking a step back and caring for others and what’s going on around you.

Would you stop for a homeless child on the street? Would you help him out or would you keep walking? Would you look at him in disgust or with an open heart? Would you open up your wallet to spare some change? Would you give him some food? Or would you keep walking? Most people would just walk by. But what if it was your child on the street? Could you relate to him then? Would you help them then? Would you open your heart to help them?

Just think of the people on the street.

They all have a mom and a dad, of which may be dead or just not in their life. They all had a life before on the street, could have had a bad experience which made them on the street, or they had no where else to go. They may have children of their own to feed.

If you were on the streets, wouldn’t you want people to stop and help you out?

Here is a homeless child experiment that was conducted to see if anyone would actually stop for this poor child.


Have you ever thought about our educational system? I mean really thought about it. Have you thought about the actual education, you and/or your children are receiving? Probably not. But what if you did think of it? Would you think of how the professors teach us? About the actually education?

After discovering a video about education, it will really make you think about more then just the education we are receiving. But it will be more about how we are being education, where it comes from, and how we can’t predict what’s happening but still education like back in the industrial revolution.

Here is the changing education paradigms, giving one man’s perspective on our education system but it does make you really think about it.



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